Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Moving to Germany has taught Shaun and I a very important lesson, how important our family is. It’s not that we didn’t realize their importance before, but once you move so far away you begin to understand your family’s importance in a different, more meaningful way.
Before we would complain about things like two Easter dinners in one day…How we would rather stay home and relax from work on Sunday than go to our parents for lunch…Thinking how great it would be to take a an assignment overseas apart from each other for the career experience…
We realized then that our family was important, and how much they meant to us but we had never experienced being away from each other for more than two weeks, living in different time zones and not having the option to visit our family like we have now.
In the future we will most likely still complain to each other when we have to visit both sets of parents on the holiday’s, or when Mr. C and I have to rebalance our separate priorities to make sure that we make time for the other’s priorities. In the midst of these petty complaints however, we will always remember the many weeks we lived apart from each other last winter, how it feels to not be able to visit our families for holidays, dinner and parties and we will be so thankful.
Easter 2011 Frame
My Sisters on Easter 2011, My First Easter Away

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