Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Max Mini-Album

About a week ago I posted a teaser of my next upcoming project here. I am sure many of you saw the letters for, “MAX” in the middle of the pile and assumed it was for a little boy album, and in a way it is with pale blue accents and soft baby colors. In actuality it’s a book of my thoughts on becoming a first time Aunt to a little boy named Max.
Wearing a hat made by his Aunt Jessica.
When I saw the photo’s of my new nephew Max with my five sisters, his new Aunt’s and Mom I knew I needed to capture the moment somehow, to remember our excitement, nervousness and feelings. To remember flying to the States just to greet him. To let him know how lucky he was to be born into a family that loved and wanted him sooo much!
We created quite the stir when we walked in wearing our matching shirts!
As I started assembling items for the book I thought, wouldn’t it be great to talk about becoming a first time Aunt rather than just a photo book on the baby? I started recalling arriving at the hospital, celebrating with friends in preparation while my sister was in labor (not very nice ehh? but I had an entire place cheering his name when he was born a pretty nice welcome if you ask me!).
Little Max recieving some cuddles from Aunt Olivia.
I resorted the photo’s and began picking ones that showed our new little Max with his Aunts. So far I have created six pages and wanted to share some of the process them with you. 
More to come on the mini-album this week, along with the Budapest travelogues!


  1. What a wonderful Welcome for baby Max!! You are a wonderful story teller as well.

  2. I can't wait to see it and read it!


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